Providing Ultra-Pure Oxygen at reduced costs to Manufactures and Industries to help their "Bottom Line", our 99.9998% pure gas provides an alternative to traditional Oxygen products. Using pure products in processes such as welding and other Oxygen realted business', the result is much higher quality because there are Zero carbons and other impurities that were not tranferred in processing.

Instead of depleting our atmosphere of this vital gas, our method starts with water of the highest quality, and unlocks the Oxygen stored in its molecules.

By extracting Oxygen in this manner, the quantity and quality of gas is much higher than those companies taking it from our air. Gas done this way must be cleaned intensely to get a higher quality product, consuming large amounts of electricity, and it never really gets that clean, and this leads to impurities in processing.

United Oxygen gas is so pure and cost effective, the Semi-conductor industry or Manufacturing companies that utilize Oxygen gas in its daily operations would see dramatic cost savings in overhead expenses and increased purity, should it be needed.

From Clean rooms to all other Oxygen related business' , United Oxygen guarantees its product they produce is the highest quality available on the market today at the lowest cost possible.