Bringing four alternative fuels into a new fuel station prototype, our goal is to provide the customer with the best products through availability and accessibility.

Our premium fuel product, H-100​, is named for its purity and combustion efficiency. Our technology uses the power of the Sun to cost-effectively transform on-site water into clean, reliable Hydrogen fuel. NASA used our equipment for the space shuttle program and the large orange tank was filled with our H-100​ fuel made from ultra-pure water. Our patented process utilizes Zero-Point energy to weaken the strong molecular bond of water, allowing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar to provide much easier means to produce Hydrogen gas, most commonly made from finite, dirty Natural gas.

Along with E-85 (Ethanol), B-99 (Bio-Diesel), and high-speed Electric, our stations are the models for convenience. Our franchisable ownership opportunities allow for investors to operate more as a landlord instead of the more common fuel station retailer, a high theft and difficult to staff operation.

Our Stations boast the best small cafes, a packing/shipping site, full service ATM, Mobile phone outlet, and an alternative Rental/Sales desk so that clean, reliable transportation will always be available. These franchise ownership opportunities provide income from the lease agreements and CAMs, with very little staffing, and give the fuel station a new twist of old school with fuel attendants to keep the process as hassle free and enjoyable as possible.

From buses to bicycles, boats to big rigs, United Fuel will propel this generation into a self-sustainable future and replenish our environment through clean transportation.